At Allégade 10 in Copenhagen you can have a quiet table and a fresh water bowl waiting when you arrive.
At Allégade 10 in Copenhagen you can have a quiet table and a fresh water bowl waiting when you arrive.


Paw-friendly places where you can travel with your pet

Roofs and restaurants that have their two- and four-legged guests covered.

Doggy bags served here

Himmelska Hundar, Stockholm

Enjoy soup, vegetarian fare, sandwiches, pie, or a salad for yourself, and let the dog pick something from the dog menu. Also on offer are birthday parties for dogs, a dog spa, and “dog parking” if you fancy a spot of pooch-free shopping.

Hedinsgatan 13. Tel: +46 8 661 41 41

Hilpeä Hauki, Helsinki

A small but cozy pub with a great selection of cider, beer, and whiskey. No music and a “dog corner” where your pet can relax with some water and biscuits while you enjoy a drink or snack.

Vaasankatu 7. Tel: +358 9 35084739

Allégade 10, Frederiksberg, Denmark

A traditional Danish kitchen where you can get brunch, lunch, and dinner. Just a quick walk from the gardens of Frederiksberg Palace, it comes with a beautiful view when the summer sun sits high in the sky. Let them know in advance that you are bringing your dog and you will have a quiet table and a fresh water bowl waiting when you arrive.

Allégade 10. Tel: +45 33 31 17 51

Hounding the hotel

Hotel Skt. Petri

Hotel Skt. Petri in Copenhagen in Copenhagen was among the first hotels in the region to offer a “Pet Pampering Program.” Here dogs receive homemade biscuits and customized sleeping baskets. And if your friend is hungry, you can pick something out from the chef’s dog menu.

Krystalgade 22, Copenhagen

The Thief

Luxury hotel The Thief, at Tjuvholmen in Oslo, has a “VID” policy which stands for Very Important Dog. The hotel will provide you with a VID kit with a dog bed, a chew toy, food, and grooming products.

Landgangen 1, Oslo

First Hotel Witt

First Dog: That’s the name of the canine policy at First Hotel Witt in Kalmar, Sweden. They do not charge extra for your dog, and when you arrive he will get a “doggie bag” with dog treats, a bone, and a poo bag.

Södra Långgatan 42, Kalmar

Nordic Choice

Happy Dog: Nordic Choice offers a Happy Dog package from time to time, so that you can celebrate big events with your dog. On New Year’s Eve guests can bring their dogs for free, get their own dog room and also receive a gift for the dog.


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