A fashion show goer’s dos and don’ts

We take a peek behind the scenes at Danish designer Astrid Andersen’s show during London Fashion Week Men's and get to the bottom of a fashion show goer’s dos and don’ts.

Danish designer Astrid Andersen has one of London Fashion Week Men’s hottest shows. The backstage area is a hive of activity, with a flurry of 23 models, dozens of makeup artists and hairstylists as well as show producers, PRs, dressers and general assistants.

A burst of instrumental 1990s house music indicates that the catwalk rehearsal is about to kick off. Models en masse, fully styled and dressed in Andersen’s latest wares, do a practice run according to the choreographer’s precise instructions.

The clock is about to strike 6pm and it’s time to leave the backstage hubbub and take a seat. The coolest crop of the international fashion elite is out in force, and Noomi Rapace is among the stars in the front row.

The fashion show goer’s do’s and don’ts:

Photo: Bart Pajak

Don’t try to steal Anna Wintour’s front row seat

The seating plan has been drafted by the PRs with precision. Any attempt at modifying it for personal gain will result in public humiliation and drama – flooded in strobe light and with photographers roaming.

Photo: Bart Pajak

Wear spindly heels at your peril

You’ll be dashing across the city from show to show like a mad raccoon, and since fashion designers love seeking out unconventional venues for their shows, you might well be traipsing up an open mesh spiral staircase, or a floor covered in gravel. Luckily, ultra-sturdy sneakers are still in.

Photo: Bart Pajak

Show appreciation

Do muster at least a cheer when the designer takes his/her post-show bow, especially if your smartphone-wielding hands are busy capturing the moment on camera, preventing you from putting your hands together (clapping at show finales is so last season, or rather, pre-social media).

Bring extra energy

Do pop a snack pack in your bag as you won’t find time between shows to seek out sustenance – despite the endless waiting once you’re seated. Should you forget, there’s always plenty of Propercorn popcorn outside most London Fashion Week shows. Bon appétit!

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